Introducing Angel…She Seems To Be A Big Marcus Mariota Fan

Those of you who’ve been around here over the years know that I have preached to aspiring IG and Twitter models, pleading with them to do a jersey photo series. It’s literally the fastest way to get noticed unless you’re Mia Khalifa and you’re taking dongs while talking sports, especially college football.
Enter Angel, who goes by @fitbodybyangel or @hardbodyangel, and her Tennessee Titans and Oregon Ducks jerseys. Angel, whose bio lists her as 19 and from the Pacific Northwest, is clearly a Mariota fan who has now become a Titans fan.
Sunday, while going through my normal searches, I caught her IG story where she was on a sink in her Mariota Titans jersey. Annnnnndddd, you get a post.
Would I have even stopped on Angel’s account if she wasn’t in a jersey? Nope. Dime a dozen. IG models all start to look the same. The minute you add a jersey to the mix, it’s a whole new ballgame.

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