Meet Melinda From TCU

TCU is one of those semi-underrated schools that’s just a breeding ground for 10’s. It doesn’t have the clout that an FSU or Arizona or San Diego State has, but you can’t deny their productivity. Also, let’s not forget to mention TCU’s football productivity, either. #4 in the country currently, just had Gameday in town, and I still feel like they aren’t getting enough respect.

BREAKING: AP POLL ALERT: Penn State climbs to No. 2 behind Alabama; Georgia, TCU next; Clemson drops to No. 7, Washington to 12.

— The Associated Press (@AP) October 15, 2017

So with that, let’s meet Melinda, a true TCU 10 from Houston. This chick is all Texas through and through.

[IG – Melinda]

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