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Rick Pitino officially fired, but not before going down swinging

The ULAA board voted to fire Rick Pitino yesterday, but for a second there I thought he might weasel his way out of another scandal. His lawyer came out swinging for the fences before the vote took place.

Via USA Today: Pence entered the meeting holding a poster board for presentation to the ULAA. The attorney later distributed a detailed 55-page document that includes letters of support for the coach, including one from David Padgett, who was named as Pitino’s interim replacement on Sept. 29. The attorney’s statement included a polygraph result indicating that Pitino was not deceptive in answering that he did not pay signee Brian Bowen’s family or knew that Bowen’s family was paid.

Love the last-ditch Hail Mary attempt by Pitino’s lawyer. Had me thinking he was going stay afloat for a little longer until the board unanimously dropped the hammer about an hour later.

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