Klay Thompson Left The Warriors Preseason Game Early To Go Watch Washington State Lose

There were some Twitter detectives on the prowl last night who connected some dots and noticed Klay Thompson on the Wazzu sideline a suspiciously short period of time after the Warriors preseason game ended.
World Wide Wob on Twitter noticed that Klay wasn’t on the bench in the 2nd half, then when youĀ flipped back over to ESPN after the game ended, he was already in Berkeley getting ready to watch Washington State get waxed by Cal.

Just all around great detective work here. You have time stamps, you have maps and you have photos. It’s clear as day. The NBA preseason is so meaningless that we have players leaving the arena at halftime to go watch college football games.
Oh, and there were signs earlier in the week that this was going to happen.

Cool move by Steve Kerr, but I’m thinking Klay might’ve brought some bad juju to that stadium.

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