I’m Going To Teach Danny The Intern How To Blog About Alexis Ren Working For Sports Illustrated

I took a couple hours off this afternoon because I’ll be up until like 1 a.m. and I’m getting too old for that shitt. 10 years of this stuff will absolutely crush your soul and ability to put in 15 hours sitting at a desk. So I let Danny the Intern do his thing and he came up with an Alexis Ren post because she’s doing work this week for Sports Illustrated. There are a bunch of pics being uploaded by SI and maybe a video or two.

But the real action is over on MJ Day’s IG. She’s the brains behind these SI shoots and apparently came up with the idea to have a couple staffers to jiggle Ren’s boobs via a bikini string pull.

Absolutely BRILLIANT and Danny the Intern totally missed it. That’s why he’s still an intern two years or so after leaving college. I have to lead these guys to water. I have to teach them how to eat. I have to help them learn what you guys want while bored at work. I have to show them what your boss wants to see while he’s jerking around in his office acting like he’s working.