Kimberly Garner Is On Dodgers Bandwagon, Panama Ball Boy Wants That World Cup & Lit Alex Morgan!


I assume there are a couple baseball games going on today. Good luck to the Yankees and Indians. It’s pouring here in northern Ohio. College football fans will get South Alabama at Troy. That’s on ESPN2. NBCSN counters with more hockey – Pens at Capitals.

Kimberly Garner is on the Dodgers bandwagon

BWAHAHAHAHA — The Alex Morgan drunk Disney video you’re going to love

Harvey Weinstein’s hot wife is about to become a free agent

Here’s how Bosnian fans reacted to missing the World Cup

Panama ball boy does whatever it takes to get to World Cup…wait for it

Florida Man vs. a lawnmower…you know how this ends

Hot blonde local TV weather anchor is buying Facebook ‘Likes’?

Here’s Maddy from San Diego State…I totally regret going to a MAC school

Rooftop Throw Of The Week

Burger of the Day

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