Did You Hear That Iceland (In The World Cup) Is The Size Of Corpus Christi?


I’m just going to say this at the beginning so it’s clear. I like Taylor Twellman. He ridiculed me at a Pizza Hut media sports event where I kicked soccer balls at targets in front of him. He’s a fun dude. High energy, quick with quips, he’s the same guy off TV as what you’re seeing on TV.

Now let’s get to this thing he keeps repeating on TV during his ESPN hits over the World Cup qualifying debacle. I’ve personally heard him repeat “Iceland is the size of Corpus Christi” on four occasions; 3 SportsCenters and on the Russillo Show.

It got me thinking: Where did that line come from because it’s being repeated over and over by the soccer community? I’m trying to figure out the origins of Corpus Christi getting all this free advertising.

Turns out this guy Bo Olafsson was, according to Twitter records, the first to use this line on Twitter.

Bo’s not some sort of huge soccer follow. He has 789 followers. He’s from Iceland, but it appears he does work at Northwestern.

Further research tells us that there was a mention during a U.S. vs. Iceland match on January 31, 2016. And now it’s the go-to line for soccer guys. You can’t possibly compare Iceland to any other city than Corpus Christi because now it’s going to sound weird. This country and city are now linked thanks to that total choke job last night by Team USA.

Flash-forward to June 14, 2016. A guy from the popular Men In Blazers show used the line and now blue check marks use it all the time.


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