Florida Man Packers Fan Gets Burned Trying To Wear A Flaming Cowboys Jersey After Packers Game In Facebook Live Gone Wrong


via Facebook

That’s Florida Man Timothy Salyers. He was severely burned Sunday in a Facebook Live video gone wrong where he tried to wear a flaming Dallas Cowboys jersey after the Packers won Sunday’s game. It was all over a bet that which ever team lost, a jersey would burn. One thing led to another and a Cowboys jersey was burning and Salyers thought he’d try to wear the flaming jersey.

Now he’s in a burn unit. From TCPalm.com:

When the Packers won 35-31, records show Hook and Salyers went outside to light the Dallas jersey on fire.

Salyers told sheriff’s deputies “he then grabbed the jersey with his right arm and attempted to put it on while it was on fire.”¬†Hook drove him to Indian River Medical Center. Records show Salyers sustained third-degree burns on his right arm and hand, as well as second-degree burns on his back.

No charges are being pressed at this time.

I’m still waiting to hear why Salyers, a Packers fan, would want to wear some worthless flaming Cowboys jersey. Totally not worth the Facebook Live views, bro. Then again, this is Florida we’re talking about so not much makes sense.

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