20 NSFWBDs React To Dolphins Coach Chris Foerster Snorting A Line

You guys knew I was going here. You knew I was going straight to the real talk express to hear how the NSFWBDs are handling this news that Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster was outed by some stripper in a video showing the coach snorting a line and professing what he’d like to do to a line in her presence.
This is exactly why NSFWBDs has become a staple around here. You guys want to hear real talk. You don’t want to hear some white guy tiptoe around the subject. You want the BDs to dive right in and cut to the chase.

You want to know their reaction to a stripper outing a guy on a Sunday night as a social injustice move. So here it is, the best real talk you’re going to get all day on Foerster.

Dolphins Coach Chris Foerster Snorts Line Of White Powder, Resigns
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