Raiders Fan Allegedly Takes a Leak on the Field

How are things going at Coliseum right now? Well… noted terrible quarterback Joe Flacco has the Ravens up 14, Amari Cooper continues to be nothing but a warm body, and some members of Raider Nation are doing their typical thing of living down to the fanbase’s terrible rep.

No. This isn’t another mannequin bong post — just video of some Raiders animal whipping out his penis and pissing on the field because walking to the bathroom apparently wasn’t an option.

Note: Might be NSFW, can’t tell if that’s part of his D or just his index finger.

The story from @_coreymccann_:

#raiders you never disappoint. You may be playing the worst game of the week. You may be getting blown out. But at least you maintain enough dignity to pee directly on the field, delaying the game and inciting a police response. #raiders #blackhole #ravens #nfl

Looks like another busy day for Coliseum staff: