Classy Bengals Fan Throws Beer at Brandon Tate

Throwing beer at professional athletes is a big NO — unless you don’t mind potentially ruining your life. Just ask that Blue Jays fans who lost his journalist job and now works as a janitorial supervisor after throwing a beer can at Orioles outfielder Hyun Soo Kim during last year’s MLB playoffs. Seriously. Just save the $15 beer and stick to hurling insults.
Unfortunately a Bengals fan opted to not follow that advice and threw his beer at Bills receiver Brandon Tate. Apparently he didn’t care for the four years of service Tate provided to his squad:

In case you’re wondering, Tate missed the shower so it was a total waste of beer.

The Colts Sideline Is Just a Little Bit Off
The Colts Sideline Is Just a Little Bit Off
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