22 NSFWBDs React To Kenyon Martin-Jeremy Lin Dreads Beef

It’s still hard to believe it was 2011-12 when Jeremy Lin became the face of New York sports for like two weeks. That was one helluva ride. BDs were losing their minds over the Asian going Pete Maravich on the League. White guys were losing their minds that an Asian was going Pete Maravich. Everyone was amazed.

Now here we are in 2017 with Kenyon Martin (what’s he even do these days?) pretty much telling Lin to lose the dreads he debuted this week. Kenyon’s out here acting like the soon to be 40 year old that he is. Doesn’t he realize it’s a new era where Asians dudes are making $12,000,000 a season, wearing dreads and averaging 14.5 on a nightly basis?

New era, bro.

Anyway, the BDs are primarily on Lin’s side here. They pretty much told Kenyon to get back in his lane and mind his own business.

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