Fergie Is Back In A Big Way, Denny Hamlin's 30k Sq Ft House & MD 20/20 WNBA Hooch

Hope you have a few TVs to watch tonight because you’re going to need them. Football, hockey, baseball, Patriots, Lamar Jackson, Indians fans, preseason NBA. Your trigger finger is going to get worn out. Go out to Costco today and buy another TV. You’ll need it. And the iPad. And your phone. Just a huge night for sports.
Uhh, Fergie is back at 42
Bilzerian begs cop for his gun to get into the fight, cop thinks he’s some psycho
Take a tour of Denny Hamlin’s 30,000 sq ft house
Sports guy Dale Hansen is a breakout star…even the NY Times wanted a profile
Buy Barry Bonds’ house
10 Horrible Plastic Surgery Fails
This Florida Man was arrested for deadly Hurricane Irma threesome
Here’s Monica from UC Santa Cruz

MD 20/20 WNBA Video of the Year

Burger of the Day

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