Raiders Fan Bob Melts Down, Burns His JaMarcus Jersey & Other Raiders Gear

It’s the end of the road for Bob and his JaMarcus Russell jersey that went up in a ball of fire on Sunday. Raiders fan Bob states in the protest of the protest video that he’s tired of pussy NFL players and he had no choice but to show his displeasure. So the jersey gets sacrificed on a driveway that hasn’t seen a power washer in 25 years or so.

Bob has since gone on a full Facebook rampage where he’s defending his burn video and saying how he canceled his NFL Ticket package (not sure you can do that after you buy it or if he’s lying) and that’s he’s much more financially responsible than those of you who have piles of gear.

A quick look through Bob’s Facebook posts reveals that Bob has been extremely triggered lately. He’s been opining on abortion, the flag and pretty much everything your angry high school classmate shares on Facebook.

Bob seems to have a golden retriever, a cat and a short temper. My guess is that he’s back to watching football once the Raiders are headed into the playoffs. Just a hunch.