StubHub Center Turned Into Arrowhead West Today

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In a total upset, the StubHub Center reportedly announced a sellout for today’s Kansas City Chiefs-Los Angeles Chargers game. The bad news? Chiefs fans accounted for a good chunk of the attendance and drowned out those poor souls rooting for a team that masters in heartbreaking three-to-seven point losses:

Chargers players shouldn’t feel so bad, it looks like people of San Diego still have their backs judging from this aggressive banner that flew over the stadium:

As for the scene inside the stadium, Chiefs fans effectively turned the place into “Arrowhead West” and broke out their tomahawk chop chant. You can see in the video below there are no powder blue jerseys there to protect home turf:
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Oh, and the parking is still ridiculous because it’s LA and that’s just how it is:

Looks Like Bucs WR Chris Godwin Sh*t His Pants A Little
Looks Like Bucs WR Chris Godwin Sh*t His Pants A Little
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