Bills Mafia Week 3 Tailgating Highlights

I’ve probably seen over a hundred of these Buffalo Bills tailgate wrestling videos by now, so I really appreciate it when the Mafia adds a little twist to their usual repertoire of moves. You can only be wowed by basic splashes and chokeslams for so long, so shoutout to these guys who double chokeslammed their bro onto a brave individual laying on a table:

Not the freshest thing in the world, but it’ll do.

Meanwhile, we’ve got OJ over here hitting the mannequin bong:

Check back in throughout the day as we’ll be updating this post with more Bills Mafia shenanigans.

Hope this guy has medical insurance:

Casual Sunday game #BillsMafia

— KellyDommermuth (@kellydomm) September 24, 2017


The boys showing off their tats:

Bills fan celebrates the W by waving the flag on an empty street. Let ’em know!