Baker Mayfield To Baylor During Pregame Warmups: "You Forgot Who Daddy Is"

The Baylor football is going down and it’s going down HARD. They’re already 0-3 this year and that’s after completely cleaning house because, well, you know what happened.
So if there’s any program out there that literally has no room to talk, it’s Baylor. That’s why I love seeing the Heisman front-runner, Baker Mayfield, reminding them who their daddy is today during pregame warmups.
If you couldn’t hear it, he said:

“You forgot who daddy is, I’m going to have to spank you today”

BRUTAL. Skull emoji, skull emoji, skull emoji. Now I think we can expect a stat line in about the 300+ yards, 4 TD range tonight.

Daddy is right…

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