Police Looking For Auburn Fan Who Stole A Woman’s Personal Belongings Out Of Her Walmart Shopping Cart

Fridays are always slow, so we might as well catch some crooks while we have some time on our hands today. This Auburn fan strolled into a Walmart back in August and decided to take some stuff out of an unmanned shopping cart. Without buying anything, he ditched with the goods.

As it turns out, that stuff was a previous shopper’s personal belongings, so now we have a manhunt on our hands.

WHNT has more:

Just after midnight on August 20th the theft suspect enters Walmart on U.S. 43.

According to investigators, the victim of the crime told police she left some personal items in a shopping cart by mistake. When she returned to the store her stuff was gone.

Police said surveillance cameras saw the man pictured here take the items from the cart and never look back. Authorities say he was driving a Ford Escape.

Obviously, this happened before the season so we can’t chalk this theft up to a War Eagle fan just looking for some sort of thrill in middle of a poor year. The Tigers are 2-1, anyways, with their only loss to that monster of a team they call Clemson, so really we just a have a pure criminal here looking to steal.

If you know this Auburn fan, please contact the Russellville, Alabama police department. Maybe he can swindle a deal so he won’t miss the Iron Bowl.