Check Out Vladimir Guerrero's Scouting Report From 1993

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Vladimir Guerrero will probably get inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame in 2018, and deservedly so. He only slashed .318/.379/.553 and tallied 449 home runs, 2,590 hits, nine All-Star Game appearances, and two 30-30 seasons in his 16-year-career — but what were scouts saying about Vlady before he was cranking chest-high fastballs into the bleachers?
The Baseball Hall of Fame released the scouting report of an 18-year-old Vlady on their site today, and surprise, scouts saw this coming. Well, longtime scout Fred Ferreira did as you can see from his bullish report back from 1993:
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The “Weaknesses” portion, the best part about this writeup outside of “tough” being spelled “TUF”, is cut off (see it on, but we got you guys:

“No found weaknesses. Unusual”

Nailed it.
And since we’re about to be graced by Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (ESPN’s Prospect of the Year) in the near future, here is his scouting report (via Minor League Ball’s Midseason Review) just to compare them a bit:

1) Vladimir Guerrero Jr, 3B, Grade B+: Age 18, signed out of Dominican Republic in 2015 for $3,900,000, you may have heard of his father; hitting .312/.406/.460 between Low-A and High-A, 45 walks against just 40 strikeouts; has made good progress with his defense at third base; upside: his dad with better strike zone judgment and a hot corner glove. Certainly a Grade A prospect now.

A Guerrero who doesn’t swing at everything will take some getting used to.

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