Vols Fans Are Using "The Rock" To Express Their Feelings On Butch Jones


Do you want to know how everybody is feeling in Knoxville these days? Well, you don’t have to look very hard. Sure, you could go on Twitter, follow some Vols fans and get a pretty good idea of how they think the season is going so far, but really you just need to walk up to that giant rock they have sitting in the middle of campus.
Almost every day you can find a new painting on that thing promoting a variety of things — from student organizations to Tennessee football. This week, that is Butch Jones’ rock and his rock only.
That picture above is from Tuesday morning, a solid two days after Tennessee lost on a Hail Mary to Florida on Saturday afternoon.
Here’s this morning:

Tough look going from people just wanting you fired, to straight up offering a trade for a $17.99 30 rack. It’s not looking good, Butch.

What a long road it’s been from around this time last year

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