People Are Not Happy About This Hurricane Irma Sign Made By Kentucky Fans

Love or hate BBN, you know they aren’t going to hold back when it comes to making these frat house banners. Is this one over the line? I’d say yeah. Once you get into that death and destruction territory, you may be taking things a little too far. But this is what BBN does. They took shots during the NCAA tournament and they’ll take shots during football season no matter how shitty their team is.
Luckily this one got out and ridiculed before anybody sees it hanging from a front porch on Saturday morning.

I’m actually surprised we didn’t see one of these borderline offensive signs earlier. College kids are dumb and drunk 99% of the time, so I was fully expecting to see Tennessee fans toe that Irma line last week when they played Florida. Good for them for holding back.
Just stick to jokes about your opponent’s QB’s DUI or how shitty their degree is and everything will be fine.

Another one…not as ruthless I guess

Now this may be too tame

Sammy Watkins Is In the Flat Earth Club
Sammy Watkins Is In the Flat Earth Club
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