Don La Greca Thinks You Stat Nerds Can Shove Your NFL Analytics Straight Up Your Ass

The Twitter nerds will say that Don La Greca is what’s wrong with society, sports talk radio, blah, blah, blah, blah. You want to see an A+ sports talk radio rant? Watch that video above of La Greca going absolutely nuts — BTW, keeping it SFW! — on the YES Network over the Giants offensive line woes.
Don doesn’t need you analytics nerds telling him that the O-line only f’d up like 27% of the time. Don knows trash when he sees it and this line is trash. Don even has a stat of his own for you stat nerds to chew on.
And you know what I like about Don? He didn’t get on Twitter and apologize or go off on the analytics nerds. He just let his rant speak for itself.

Now we just need Don to analyze this play:

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