Vols Fan Soaks Butch Jones Autographed Jersey In Moonshine, Lights It On Fire

It’s one of the most fascinating defensive strategy videos in my 10 years (in December) of doing Busted. Never seen anything like it. There’s :09 left on the clock, you’re tied 20-20 and you let a wide receiver get behind the defense. AND YOU DON’T TACKLE THE WIDE RECEIVER! TACKLE THE FUCCIN RECEIVER. TAKE HIS ASS OUT!!!
Give them the 15-yards, make them use that kicker who claims to have hit an 81-yarder in pads and there’s a 99.9% chance you’re going to OT.
And then Florida completes a game-winner.
Butch took control after the game and said anything is possible when a QB flushes from the pocket. Bold, Butch. Very bold.

Tackle HIM!


Meet Natalie From Louisville
Meet Natalie From Louisville
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