Teddy Atlas And Stephen A Smith Went Nuts Again Discussing The Canelo-GGG Fight


Obviously, the big story this morning, outside of college football of course, is the Canelo-GGG fight that had all the makings of some funny business going on after it ended in a draw. I won’t get into the details of the fight and who should or shouldn’t have won (it definitely shouldn’t have been a draw), I just want to present to you Teddy Atlas and Stephen A Smith’s post-fight discussion.

At this point, I think we need to have a fight every weekend just so we can get this two sharing more air time. Every time they put them on TV together, we get nothing but gold. Teddy is always freaking out about something, ranting about the business, which just makes Stephen A mad causing him to yell even louder. Then it just divulges into chaos on the SportsCenter set.

You want to fix First Take. I think we found the answer.

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