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Survey says men 18-25 prefer watching eSports over traditional sports

Here we have a study that is just factually incorrect. Now have I done any independent research? Nope. But there’s just no way millennial dudes like watching video games over regular sports.

From Business Insider:

Online gaming and eSports proves to be an increasingly popular category with younger men, with 22 percent of American male millenials watching eSports. The survey results show males 18-25 prefer watching eSports more than traditional sports or TV shows, coming in second only to movies.

This isn’t me being a hard ass, either. I know eSports is growing, but I don’t even know what channel it’s on, so how does one watch more eSports than normal ass football or baseball? It just doesn’t add up when you have traditional sports on 24/7/365 on a 100 different channels. I’m gonna need a second study on this one.

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