VS Model Josephine Skriver is Quite Excited for the Raiders Home Opener

We’re going to take a break from Raiders tailgate mannequin bong coverage to check in on Josephine Skriver — you know, the Victoria’s Secret model who randomly is all about the Oakland Raiders. Check the gallery above, her IG page is a must-follow for the silver and black faithful.

No idea if Josephine’s at the home opener today, but one’s thing for sure: she’s so hyped for her squad’s murdering of the Jets that she couldn’t sleep:

Raaaaaaaaaiders!!!!! Tooo excited for the game to sleep

— Josephine Skriver (@JosephinSkriver) September 17, 2017

She did, however, make the trek to Tennessee last week for the tough win against the Titans. There’s no doubt that the Raiders section of her closet runs deep as hell (vintage gear for days):