KBO Fan Runs Onto The Field, Rounds The Bases & Has The Worst Slide Ever Into Home

It’s a slow football morning, so we’re heading over to Korea for some content on this Friday and without fail, the KBO comes through. Here we have what I’m assuming is a drunk fan who meandered his way onto the field for some baserunning drills right in the middle of the game.

Our man Dan Kurtz came in clutch as always and captured the video.

Touch 'em All: This fan ran through Hanwha's outfield gates and proceeded to round the bases and even had a bad slide into home too. pic.twitter.com/thsEhBCI4Q

— Dan Kurtz (@MyKBO) September 15, 2017

I love the fact that the Korean broadcasters are still in the stage of showing the fans running onto the field. Here in America, we never get to see it anymore and it all comes from people taking videos from the stands or from Kevin Harlan calling the play.

In Korea they just throw a giant blur in the middle of the screen and keep that camera focused on the fan. It’s a win-win all-around. You don’t show the guy’s face, you avoid any legal issues and everyone at home can still be entertained by the moron. Who cares about “encouraging others”?

Hell of a slide, kid