Kevin Owens Beat Vince McMahon’s Ass on SmackDown


Vince McMahon must be a huge Kevin Owens guy behind the scenes, because the CEO/chairman of WWE apparently gave the green light for KO to absolutely maul him Tuesday night on “SmackDown.”

After setting up some Hell in a Cell match between Shane McMahon and Owens (the two have been feuding forever, and Shane only does crazy matches), Owens asked for permission to “beat a McMahon senseless” if provoked. You’ll never guess what happens next… that McMahon is 72-year-old Vince and KO cuts him open with a headbutt, kicks him in the head, and caps it all off with a frog splash:

Odds of us seeing Vince get rocked like that again have to be super low, right? That’s a frog splash from a 270-pound Canadian onto an elderly dude — there are easier ways to put guys over.

Anyway… here’s that headbutt one more time:

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