Johnny Manziel’s Future Wife & Friends Do Shots


Asssss shots.

Bre Tiesi, the woman who will take Johnny Manziel’s hand in marriage, would like you to know these are B12 or whatever the party scene does these days. You know, the shots that usually end up being the excuse given by MLB players when they test positive for PEDs.

Now for the other side of this story — the doctor. I’m trying to figure out if this is the greatest job on the planet. You just hang at some Vegas pool lounge, wait to be called poolside where there’s a whole crew of IG models just waiting for you to stick your needle into their asses.

You even get to jiggle the ass a little bit because you’re a doctor and this is just how it’s done.

This MetroMD bro seems to have a pretty serious business going. There are the normal doctor IGs on his account. The real serious stuff. And then you find out he’s lab coating at some lounge just shoving B12 needles into Johnny’s fiancee.

What a life.

By the way, I find myself wondering what Johnny Manziel’s doing on a daily basis. Writing a book? Constantly sleeping? Watching the Price Is Right? Cowherd? I’m beyond intrigued.

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