Jim Mora Dropped A Bomb On WDSU's Scott Walker & Live Viewers…But It's NOLA…NBD


I could probably watch Jim Mora tell WDSU’s @ScottWalker6 that he’s full of shitt on live TV for years and never get tired of this one liner that Mora dropped after last night’s Saints game. 
Now don’t get all bent out of shape, Jim’s just having a little fun with the home office while thinking the crew is at break. Jim clearly had no idea he was working with a hot mic.
So refreshing.
This is why I’ve always said that a channel featuring NSFW real-time sports commentary would be amazing. Just give me Ditka f-bombing. Mora telling Scott he’s full of shitt, etc. I’m in. I’ll even pay for it if Sling comes out with it.
By the way, Mora is 82 & looking like he could kick all of their asses.

Can’t forget this classic:

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