Nina Agdal Goes Nuts With This GIF, Miss America Goes After Trump & Craig Carton’s Big Claim

Two NFL games today? Are you kidding me? Hell yes I’m ready. I’ll even stay up until 2 a.m. EST for Chargers-Broncos. Another night of eating horribly at 1 a.m., but I do it for the fans. I’m giving up my life for you guys. BTW, Saints at Vikings on a Monday night sounds good. Oh, and All Day is coming home. This should be good theater.

NOOOOO Nina Agdal…we’re not ready for this on a Monday

Miss America goes after Trump!

Eagles just won the Super Bowl…you know how I know?

James Franklin body bags Pitt…game…over

Craig Carton: I’m a victim!

This is how CNN does hurricane coverage…look where the camera is at…Ed’s two feet from safety

Dirtbag Florida Mans do some robbing during Irma, at least one got shot

Here’s Cowboys cheerleader Tasha Cruz!

If Reporters Can Be Out In It, So Can This Guy Walking His Dog Video of the Month

@bustedcoverage NBD, just walking the dog during a timeout in Hurricane Irma..#irmageddon

— Jason Varey (@jjvarey) September 11, 2017

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