The Coliseum Is Nice and Empty For the Rams Home Opener


At some point today (or tomorrow), we will post a brawl or altercation from the Colts-Rams game. It’s going to be a good time like it always is, but for now, we’re going to do St. Louis a solid and have a good laugh at the city of Los Angeles giving the Rams a middle finger.

Just last night the Coliseum was rocking for the USC Trojans; today it pretty much looks like it did during the preseason — empty AF:

…Live shot

— Shahan Ahmed (@shahanLA) September 10, 2017

You’re not going to believe this, but tickets for this game were going for under $10 today. Suffice it to say that the city of Angels isn’t convinced that Jared Goff is the guy.

This is for you, St. Louis.

#Rams #INDvsLAR RT @EPLSB: @[me] NFL fever in Los Angeles…. catch it!

— Empty Seats Galore (@EmptySeatsPics) September 10, 2017

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