Katherine Webb is Ready to Be a Starting QB Wife


There’s no WAG out there ready for that starting quarterback wife life more than Katherine Webb-McCarron. This is now year three of her watching AJ watch Red Rifle absolutely melt on the field, it only makes sense to wonder what her man could do out there. Surely it wouldn’t be tough to top the five turnovers and five sacks Dalton had today, right?

I mean, Red Rifle was pretty much the entire show on RedZone channel for the first couple of hours with his barrage of terrible interceptions (four, to be specific):

And what was Katherine up to while Red Rifle led the Bengals to a bagel against a divisional rival? The usual. Killing it in Bengals gear and resorting to a little photosesh with baby Tripp because that product was unwatchable:

Patience, McCarron Fam. Mike Brown can’t hold you guys hostage forever, or maybe Red Rifle will throw up a few more stinkers.

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