Meet Brianna Stade – Girlfriend Of Chiefs WR Chris Conley & Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader

It felt good to wake up this morning with a little pep in my step knowing that the NFL is BACK. We had a full weekend of college football last week and now we have the whole shabangabang of college and NFL weekends starting tonight with the Pats and Chiefs on Thursday Night But It’s Called Sunday Night Even Though It’s On Thursday Night For Some Reason Night Football.
As we do with college throughout the year, we’re doing the same with NFL and introducing you guys to these players’ girlfriends all year. We start with former former UGA star and starting wideout for the Chiefs, Chris Conley. By the looks of their Instagrams, he’s been dating Atlanta Falcons cheerleader, Brianna Stade, since at least March.
You have to assume these two met through their Georgia roots. Brianna being a Falcons cheerleader, Chris being former UGA player who probably spends a lot of his off-season there. It all makes sense.

Brianna’s Bio

It’s too bad the Falcons and Chiefs don’t play each other this year

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