Mark May Tweets That An Ohio State Grad Doctor Saved His Life

Here’s a feel good story for your Thursday afternoon. Mark May, who spent years and years on ESPN shamelessly criticizing Ohio State whether it was warranted or not, apparently had his life saved earlier this month by a doctor who just happened to be an OSU graduate.
Most people already know the history between Ohio State and Mark May, but here’s a quick refresher for those who don’t: Mark May played football at Pitt and while he was there, the Buckeyes came to town and shoved a  72-0 spot right down their throats. Since then, at every turn while he was at ESPN, he took the opportunity to trash OSU. Naturally, Buckeye fans hate his guts.
But here we are now, a few months after May was laid off at ESPN, and he tweets these photos out of him with his OSU grad doctor who apparently saved his life. He hasn’t gone into details about what exactly happened and why he’s getting treatment, but he made sure to point out that the doctor was, in fact, a Buckeye. He gave an update earlier today.

Happy ending.

If you want to catch Mark May’s scorching hot takes these days, he just signed a deal with 103.7 The Buzz in Arkansas

A brief history of Mark May vs. Ohio State via GameDay signs

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