Indiana Is Setting The Tone For A Great Year Of CFB Banners

Football is HERE. We’re looking at T minus 2 hours until we officially kick off the college football season (I’m not counting the bullshit we had last weekend) with a nice Big Ten matchup between Ohio State and Indiana.
Now is this the sexiest game you want to see to get us rolling into the season? No. Is Indiana going to beat Ohio State tonight? No, as I’m writing this, they’re sitting at 20.5 point underdogs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited.
And that also doesn’t mean that Indiana couldn’t come out of the gates HOT twith their banner game today. We needed somebody to do it and Indiana stepped up. We needed a school to set the tone for what I believe will be the best banner season we’ve ever had. Last year they really ramped it up, but these frat houses are looking at an MVP type year if they put the work in.
Thank God for Indiana for setting the bar high right from the get go.

Bonus tailgate/stadium signs!

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