I Need Teddy Atlas-Screamin A. Smith First Take & I Needed It Ever Since That Idiot Max Was Hired

I was drunk and trying to stay awake for the ESPN post-fight coverage when I finally passed out just before this exchange between Teddy Atlas and Screamin A took place very early Sunday morning EST. I caught the analysis from Chael Sonnen, which was spot on, and then Teddy goes and tries to cripple Waffle Houses across the country with this food bit with Screamin.

Pure analysis GOLD.

Made me like Screamin’ A for a minute.

There was also this moment…simply a fantastic post-fight show. Need more like this.

McGregor fan crashes ESPN to say "Fuck the Mayweathers", 😂 pic.twitter.com/kFuqrL8lYc

— UFC Related 👊🏼 (@UFCrelated) August 27, 2017