Conor McGregor Fans Hung An Irish Flag And Painted ’49-1′ On Mayweather’s Vegas Billboard


The best thing about Conor McGregor fights (outside of seeing him bash people’s faces in) is when all of his Irish fans invade the city of the fight and basically turn it into a mini-Ireland for a weekend. Luckily, we’ve been blessed that Conor wins a lot and we get to see these Irish fans go absolutely nuts afterward.

So when this mega-fight with Mayweather was announced, we knew Vegas was going to be invaded by loads of drunk Irishmen supporting Conor who were ready to throw down the whole weekend. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. They’re here, they’re ready to get drunk, and they’re doing anything necessary to support their fellow countryman.

First step: put up a giant Ireland flag just below a spray painted “49-1” on Floyd Mayweather’s TMT billboard.

Second step: get hammered and party.

Third step: pray McGregor doesn’t embarrass himself.

The MGM was basically Ireland last night

They're all the way live out here

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