Raider Fan And Fox Sports Mexico Host Jimena Sanchez Is Clearly Ready For Football Season

Just like the rest of America, our favorite Fox Sports host/IG model/Raider fan, Jimena Sanchez, is essentially just counting down the days until we can spend weekends in front of the TV consuming as much football as humanly possible.
From what I can tell, Jimena isn’t big into college football, but she might be the biggest Raider fan on Instagram (she’s also a Yankees fan.. figure that one out) and she’s suffering through these last few weeks just like the rest of us. While we’re figuratively counting down the days, she’s literally doing it. Yesterday, she reminded everyone that we only have 14 days until the NFL opens on Thursday night.

Last week, she did the same thing with 23 days until kickoff.
So basically, Jimena Sanchez is just like your average joe football fan (minus the hot and famous part) who is just staring the calendar waiting for kickoff weekend. It’ll get here soon enough. For now, take a gander through that gallery while you’re pretending to do work in your cubicle.

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