John Dennis Weighs In On His Old Buddy Ryen Russillo's Arrest

Boston radio legend John Dennis had a rather subdued take on the news that Ryen Russillo got raging drunk this morning in Wyoming and ended up in a bedroom of a condo that wasn’t the one where he was staying. Russillo was incoherent and arrested by the local cops, according to reports out of Jackson Hole.
This was the perfect opportunity for Dennis to pounce on his old buddy, but he didn’t exactly pull out the flamethrower via Twitter.
Maybe it’s because Dennis has been through rehab himself.
You might remember the sports radio feud that never seemed to die between Dennis, who left WEEI in 2016, and Russillo was the sports radio feud that just kept giving us great moments. There was the voicemail Dennis left for Russillo years ago where the old radio vet told the young punk, “I’ll rip your [fuccin] ears off, and your nose off and I’ll shove ’em up your ass.”
It was an all-time voicemail.

And then there was the 2012 Super Bowl feud where Dennis and Russillo had some sort of showdown with Dennis claiming that Russillo was forced out of the ESPN party and that he was an alcoholic.
Now here we are with Russillo hammered out of his face — “blood shot glassy eyes, very slurred speech and could not answer questions coherently, all signs of alcohol intoxication.”
What’s it all mean? I’m guessing it means that the Russillo show will be without its host for a couple weeks, maybe longer.

ESPNer Ryen Russillo Arrested in Wyoming For Criminal Entry
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