Saints Fan Gets Specific With His Tip At Atlanta Restaurant As An Attempt To Troll The Falcons

You know where this is going. There’s nothing more classic than a good, old-fashioned 28-3 joke that we’ve heard 234353245 times by now, am I right? This Saints fan made his way to midtown Atlanta and stopped in for a nice meal at The Nook, but little did his server know, he was devising a plan to go viral.
So he went with the tip route because for some reason tips are hot in the streets. I guess I can’t fault this guy for that, people love a good tip picture. He made that total $28.03, got his little Super Bowl joke in and now gets to go back and worry about his own shitty team.

I know the 28-3 jokes will never end and I can deal with that, but from now on I need these people to get more creative. Leaving tips and hanging billboards is too easy. I’m going to need something a little more outside of the box to actually respect your troll job.
Fly a banner plane over downtown Atlanta, do something illegal to execute your troll, get those wheels turning and think of something clever and I’ll actually respect your 28-3 joke.

Meanwhile, we’ll wait to see if the Saints can go 7-9 for a 4th, count ’em, 4th straight year in a row


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