Danny The Intern Beat National Media To A Pulp During Mercedes Dome Press Tour

I sent Danny the Intern, a Falcons lifer, to tour the new Mercedes Dome on Tuesday with a bunch of other important media outlets including Rovell, Barrett Sallee, Curbed Atlanta, etc. Normally it would be his job to write a post on what he saw, but we don’t pay him to work on Wednesdays so he’ll have to get to that on Thursday.
My orders to Danny were pretty straightforward:

  1. Beat Rovell to the concession stand price tweet as fast as possible
  2. He had to put his face in some of the videos and pics…I’ve actually never seen this kid’s face and he’s been here like 2 years
  3. I wanted odd shit that the other media outlets wouldn’t show; give readers the BC difference

No. 3 on that list was pretty important. Those of you who’ve been around for 8 or so years know that is our specialty. We have to post things the national media can’t post. You think Curbed Atlanta’s going to post pics of the urinals and showers? They didn’t.
You knew Rovell would go after the food angle, his bread & butter. And he did. Is Rovell going after the showers and urinal shot? Zero chance. Stays in his lane.
Of course Sallee was going to go after a beer tap tweet. Is he going to show the urinals? No way, he’s a big time J.
Danny finally had his head screwed on correctly and listened to me. Finally. Will it last? Zero chance. He’ll fucc up this weekend and I’ll have to go nuts on him over something, but for one day, at least, I’m pretty happy with this kid. Still has a long way to go, including getting his ass to a college atmosphere on a Saturday instead of sitting his ass on the couch, but this is a start.

Beat Rovell with this tweet…I was watching:

Pulled a fat chick on Facebook move here:

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