Dan Bilzerian’s Girlfriend Still In Tropics, Samantha Hoopes Vs. Body Suit & Bill Belichick Smiling In August,

We’ve never needed football to be back more than right now

You want to unite the country? Give them pigskin seven days a week for six months. That’ll bring them together. They’ll be in front of their TVs fixated on worthless Mountain West games on Friday nights. I miss the slow days of summer when we were just looking for pics of Tebow at a Florida pool living the virgin lifestyle. Those were such innocent days. You guys think I’m lying about finding a line of work far far away from the Internet. That seems to be the only solution here. I’ll also say this: You never see someone living in Key West losing their mind on social media. That might be where I head with the family one of these days. Or the Caribbean.

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Kacie McDonnell On The Tee Box, Caroline Wozniacki Shoots Pool Hoops & Tiger’s Wearing A Costco Shirt