Jon Rahm Hit A Shot Backwards At The PGA Championship


Oh my. Jon Rahm just back-handed a wedge/iron from near the hazard onto the green @PGAChampionship (Love watching this online!!)

— Rob Hernandez (@RobHernandezGLF) August 13, 2017

I know Jon Rahm isn’t anywhere near the top of the leaderboard, but how about the balls on this guy to casually bust out the one-handed backward shot on the Sunday back nine of the PGA Championship? He didn’t want to mess up the kicks in that creek, so he just flipped it and went backwards instead. Love it.

Now this has me asking questions. Would he have done this if he was in contention? Could you imagine if he did this while in contention? Why don’t golfers break out some fun shots like this more?

I want to see guys get creative with these shots. So thank you, Jon Rahm, for giving us some extra entertainment on a otherwise boring Sunday final round.

"Amazing execution." 😳@JonRahmpga shows off his skill set on 18. #PGAChamp

— PGA of America (@PGA) August 13, 2017

Side note: Love seeing Duf Daddy out there

Here's the most animated you will ever see Dufner right before he took someone out in the Wanamaker Club #PGAChampionship2017

— chris timmerman (@ctimmerman35) August 13, 2017

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