Jets Employee Caught Scanning Unsold Tickets To Boost Preseason Attendance Numbers


You really can’t get a more New York Jets story than this. You have an employee at MetLife Stadium scanning unsold ticket after ticket for nonexistent fans to get those attendance numbers up where they want them. Obviously, I don’t blame this guy in the video because there’s no doubt he was told from a higher up to do this, but it’s such a classic Jets story.

So why exactly would he be told to do it? Well, from what I can gather from my limited Twitter research is that certain people (advertisers, shareholders) care a lot about attendance (even if it’s the preseason), so those numbers need to get to up there one way or another. Even that means committing a little bit of fraud.

This was apparently the announced attendance:

Now let’s take a look at the actual attendance

Not the best look.

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