Rachel Bush Caught Her First Of Many Bills Games Last Night


When you think of #Billsmafia, you aren’t thinking of hot chicks. You’re thinking of people slamming beers, people going through tables, people’s asses getting eaten at tailgates, you know the deal. But our girl Rachel Bush just flipped the perception of Bills Mafia on its head. Rachel steps off the plane in Buffalo and that fan base instantly gets hotter. The overweight, lovable losers mixed with the hottest chick on IG is quite the combo.

I don’t know how much time Rachel is going to be spending in Buffalo this season, but I need to see her at some tailgates. I hope this preseason trip up north isn’t just because the weather is still nice. I want to see her up there in December mixing it up with the local and chugging Fireball.

People already know what’s up

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