Furrie Tang Is A Teacher, Biebs At PGA Championship & I Saw MZ JCKSN At Lunch Yesterday

How about some college kid creating a new table game & Harrah’s put it on their floor…which means it has a huge casino edge

Nobody in Vegas does carnival games like Harrah’s and they have a new one thanks to a UNLV kid who created ‘Easy Jack’ which is a variation of Blackjack, but you’re only trying to get close to 11 instead of 21.

Gamblers can make two wagers. The first is on the hand, comparable to blackjack. An optional secondary wager can be placed before the hand is dealt on whether the deal will bust — go over 11.

The dealer hits on all totals of six or less and stays on all totals of seven or more. A two-card dealer bust pays 3:1, and the more cards the dealer draws before a bust occurs, the bigger the payout is. On the initial hand wager, a natural 11 (the ace card) pays 3-to-2.

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Jay Bruce has been traded to the Indians.

– Bruce this season: 29 HR (T-4th in NL)
– Indians outfielders: 37 HR (25th in MLB) pic.twitter.com/bqPxnYYYG1

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) August 10, 2017

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@bustedcoverage One of my nieces educators in Perrysburg. …. pic.twitter.com/uwkMqpER6P

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@bustedcoverage Big Ben decided to skip camp and check out the Indians game today. pic.twitter.com/pv2GHJcvJD

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@bustedcoverage curry and lonzo ball hanging at cedar point pic.twitter.com/QYnKRSrm9f

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My guy pic.twitter.com/1FqqBHjgip

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Vacationing Couple Spots Massive Rattlesnake at South Carolina Beach https://t.co/x85ONnTaTS pic.twitter.com/yYkjYHUHMo

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