Little League Softball Team Middle Fingers Opponents And I'm Loving Every Second Of This Nontroversy

Here we go with the big viral ‘controversy’ of the day and it comes to us from teen Little League softball – gasp! So some angry Twitter egg named ‘Vin’ got all bent out of shape over some middle fingers so ‘Vin’ went on a tweet spree to make sure Atlee, Virginia didn’t play in a LLWS championship game.
One thing led to another and Atlee was kicked out of the tournament.
From the Seattle Times:

It was reported to the committee that Atlee, which beat Kirkland 1-0 in a semifinal game on Friday, had made an inappropriate post on social media. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that a photo was posted on Snapchat after the game of six players flipping off the camera, with the caption indicating it was meant for Kirkland American/National. Atlee manager Scott Currie was notified and the picture was deleted. The team showed up at Kirkland’s hotel to make an apology in person.

Little League got ahead of the coming drama once Good Morning America gets its hands on this story:

We are deeply disappointed this social media post did not reflect the core values of Little League International or Atlee Little League,” he wrote. “We expect Little League International will take the time to fully investigate the matter, and we will comply with this investigation by providing all information about unpleasant interactions including the social media post and the time leading up to that event – not all of which were on the part of those on the Atlee softball team.

Look, it’s 2017. You should be allowed to talk a little shit to opponents on social. You should be allowed to flip a few middle fingers. Mean Girls kinda shit. Talk a little trash. This is what’s wrong with baseball and softball: everyone has to be friends. Fucc that. Let’s get back to running over a catcher. Let’s get back to hating your opponents.
I remember that stupid Little League pledge we had to recite before games. I recited it but didn’t really give a shit about it. We had bulldog coaches who wanted to rip out the heart of the opponent. We had teammates who would run through brick walls to win.
Why is Little League dying in the U.S.? Because you can take this mindset to travel ball and get away with it. You don’t see travel ball teams getting disqualified for middle fingers, do you?

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