Shirtless Tiger Woods Went Lobster Diving In The Bahamas

Tiger has been basically off the grid since his DUI arrest. He hasn’t been very active on social media, we haven’t really seen any pictures of him other than some paparazzi BS, and we’ve all been wondering what Tiger’s been up to. Then he comes out of nowhere (as he likes to do) and drops this shirtless pic right on everyone’s forehead on a casual Friday morning.

He’s done this before. Remember Mac Daddy Santa? That was out of nowhere too. Every once and a while he’ll just randomly throw up a shirtless picture for the world to see that he’s still jacked.
So this one comes from the Bahamas, where Tiger looks like he just choked out a lobster in the Carribean Sea. He’s really looking like misses the golf course, huh? But now we have to ask the question: Is Tiger back? The confidence that this photo is oozing tells me yes.

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