Hottest Local TV Reporter Ever, Britney Spears GIF Madness & Tom Herman Wants To Stop Premature Tweeting



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Hall of Fame Game…HOF Game…HOF Game…that’s it. Don’t watch baseball. Don’t waste your time on other sports. Dive into the football season even though you’ll be watching guys who’ll be working construction jobs in a couple weeks. Doesn’t matter. FOOTBALL IS BACK.

Hottest local news TV reporter ever? We have a candidate out of Miami

Incredible Britney Spears GIF

This football coach died in a bar fight

LOOK: This tweet sums up why we need weed in NFL

Tom Herman freaked out over premature tweeting from practice

1B Brandon Belt wants $3.65M for this house

This Florida Woman assaulted her brother with chicken nuggets

Here’s Tiffany from Kansas

Ric Flair Won’t Take It Anymore Motivational Speech of the Day

Your Moment of Flair…when some guy at work wants your job, your title, your belt…you stand up for yourself.

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